Kaila Mullady looks directly into the camera with the sun shining on her.

Kaila Mullady,

World Beatboxing Champion

Teach the Teacher was a powerful gathering which clearly laid out the foundation of BEAT’s philosophy and in-the-classroom tips. Personally, I have never worked as a teaching artist and felt so supported. Teach the Teacher helps ease everyone’s fears of tension about being in the classroom. My favorite part of Teach the Teacher was watching all of the new and old staff working and playing together, becoming a family and sharing their approaches to pedagogy.

KOVA smiles and looks to the right, wearing a purple shirt that says, "I DON'T NEED A MIC!"


Current BEAT Teaching Artist

The Teach the Teacher program was incredibly moving in a way I never would have anticipated. I was brought to tears during the “Basic Biz” section while listening to testimonials from Y?, Human, WaAack Sun and JLOVE. […] Opening to this heartfelt dialogue and allowing myself to feel vulnerable made me feel strong. The community and culture of BEAT is highly supportive, charged by passion, art, and a righteous desire to be of service. Through participating in Teach the Teacher  I am able to be an artist who not only reaches my full potential on the stage, but flourishes in the community as well. In partnership with BEAT I’ve developed unique, professional lesson plans to empower our youth and facilitate their arts education in a positive and loving way. What a family!

WaAaK Sun in mid-air breakin' pose, next to the words "Breakin B.A.S.I.C.S."

WaAaK Sun,

Current BEAT Teaching Artist

I would highly recommend the training to other teaching artists because many of us start out on our paths in this industry following our passions with little guidance or support, usually being the only or one of few HipHop practitioners or educators amongst our peers. BEAT’s Teach the Teacher Collective has walked down that road, can relate to your struggles and can deliver to you aide from a wealth of knowledge and versatility.  […]

My favorite part of Teach the Teacher was being able to build with like-minded individuals, listening to testimony and experiences similar to mine. It was invigorating to be in the presence of passion and purpose that reflect and align with my own, giving me a real sense of support and community as well as camaraderie in an industry where I sometimes feel that I’m working alone.

Anna Diorio sits on a rock, surrounded by grass.

Anna Diorio,

Former BEAT Teaching Artist

What surprised and amazed me the most about Teach the Teacher was the power of this curriculum to cultivate a true sense of purpose and community in a mere few days. I have never witnessed such a committed and enthusiastic group of artists, educators, and activists coming together with a common purpose to grow and learn so as to better serve youth communities. The program was moved by an intention of trust, love, and sincere commitment to our common goal of classroom liberation via Hip Hop culture. Altogether a humbling, rewarding, and rejuvenating experience that I would recommend to any artist seeking to deepen their craft and give back to young people in a way that is positive, engaging, and transformative.

Prophet is in a breakin' pose on a city street.


Former BEAT Teaching Artist

Walking into the Teach the Teacher training I didn’t know what to expect. I have experience teaching youth of all ages so I figured that I’d be learning a bunch of things that I already have learned and practiced. That wasn’t the case in this situation. Leaving that training I felt more excited and inspired to teach than I have ever felt before. I learned different techniques and tactics that work great both in and outside the classroom. I totally recommend this training for serious aspiring artists that want to master their craft as well as make a powerful impact while teaching these skills.

This free training is provided from the generous grant made by the New York Community Trust.

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